Playin Soccer: Lieke Martens on her amazing start to her Barça career

Awesome Tip: Lieke Martens on her amazing start to her Barça career

The Barça star revealed why she began playing the game, which players inspired her and what it was like to travel with Leo Messi to the UEFA Player of the Year awards:
On Leo:
“It was an amazing day, it is unbelievable to travel with your hero…”
On Barcelona:
“I haven´t had much time to explore the city, but i´m happy that I have an apartment now so i´m going to explore soon!”
On her hero, Marta:
When I was younger I always saw a lot of videos of Marta…I think she still has something special

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    Love you queen lieke you are the best

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    always with a smile

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    Like als je nederlands bent

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    She can get it

  5. barca

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    nina dobrev?

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    You will be wayyyyy better than martha

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    Sua linda

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    That's Good you went to Barcelona

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    Show me the moneyyyy!!!

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    She deserved to win the FIFA The Best award she got unlike a certain someone.

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    Pero ponerlo en español también

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    Deberian de aplicar la nueva regla quue apkico la bundesliga en alemania de hablar el idioma del pais asi como aleman en alemania; Español en España. Porsupuesto para los jugadores de LaLiga. Ya ni cristiano Que es portugues y habla ingles y Español.
    VISCA Barca.

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