Playin Soccer: LET'S GET TO WORK.

Awesome Tip: LET'S GET TO WORK.

This is a huge opportunity to get training from some of the best coaches out there. If you can make it, go ahead and sign up before it all the spots are filled. Time is running out!

Help out the channel and get some cool Uber Soccer training equipment!

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    HEY EVERYONE, the biggest thing I wanted to get across is that this is a huge opportunity. Not only is it affordable, but here is the chance to train under coaches who are passionate, dedicated, and have trained top level players. These are the guys that can give you the tools and feedback you need to take your game to the next level. If you are thinking about it, go and sign up before all the spots get filled up!

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    Come to Houston,TX bro!!

  3. Reply

    you should make a camp in the Bay Area !!!

  4. Reply

    Esto es otro nivel! Saludos!

  5. Reply

    Hard work, Effort, and Dedication

  6. Reply

    Great video Coach Javi

  7. Reply

    Manchester nh

  8. Reply

    I’m in the uk :/

  9. Reply

    San Fernando Valley/LA

  10. Reply

    Come to Los Angeles unfortunately recently on Saturday we lost in CIF D1 Final 3-2 against El Camino Real and my highschool is Sotomayor search us up coach a bunch of talent here in Los Angeles

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    Bro come to oklahoma

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    la!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

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    this vid ia sick!

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    Come to Colorado you’ll be amazed with the level of play here!

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    U should come to Raleigh North Carolina cause their are alot of young talented players but they just couldn't afford to go to casl or a team

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    I’ll definitely talk about it with my parents once I’m cleared to play.

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    Just amazing video Javi!

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    Orange County/LA

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    When are you gonna come to Arizona. I would love the chance to better improve my game from what I learn from you

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    7th comment

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    Come do DC and bring Coach Roman

  22. Reply

    Come to Arizona

  23. Hope you come to OKC , if you do hope I have money and cleats. Nice vid

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    Good luck in Atlanta! I’m sure it will be Awesome with you running it, and the impressive coaches you are bringing.

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