Playin Soccer: Leo Messi shares his sixth Ballon d'Or with the Camp Nou

Awesome Tip: Leo Messi shares his sixth Ballon d'Or with the Camp Nou

After winning his 6th Ballon d’Or, Leo Messi shares it with all Barça supporters at Camp Nou right before Barça-Mallorca kick off.
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  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    King of footboll Messi

  4. كفو

  5. Reply

    نجم يبقه نجم ليونيل ميسي

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    I love Barcelona ❤

  8. Reply

    Did u see Ansu fati..

  9. Reply

    After few years Thiago and Mateo will lift their own ballon d'or

  10. Reply

    48.00 mateo

  11. Reply

    I am am a big fan of Teme de Barceona

  12. Reply

    0:33 seconds u see asu fati he looks so young

  13. Reply

    افضل لاعب في العالم ميسي

  14. Reply

    I am so happy that Messi got his 6th ballon d’or

  15. Reply

    And shut up to Messi haters

  16. Reply

    Lionel messi 10

  17. Reply

    0:30 ansu fati?

  18. Reply

    Ciro The Cutest One,Messi The Gem (G.O.A.T)

  19. Reply

    Cuando era feliz…

  20. Reply

    Total Rivalry
    Leo Messi: 7 Ballon d'or
    Cristiano Ronaldo: 5 Ballon d'or

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    hübscher Messis Sohn

  23. Reply

    Amigo thiago viste con un buso gocci

  24. Reply

    Best of all time

  25. Reply

    One day even Bruno Fernandes will win ballon dor

  26. Reply

    0:31 ansu fati

  27. Reply

    0:31 ansu fati is there!!!

  28. Reply


    • Daya
    • February 1, 2021

    Ohh baby is crying

  29. Reply

    Messi tiene 6 y CR7 4?

  30. Reply

    Who is here after messi retires?

  31. Reply

    Alguien se imagina que uno de los rivales patea hacia Messi y se tumba el balon de oro y este se rompe. JAJAJAJA. Me emociono de solo pensar la bronca que se armaria.

  32. Lo mejor dela vida es la familia que te ama puedes tener todo pero lo más hermoso es su familia m así u crak

  33. Reply

    chicos en el 0:27 esta fede vigevani creo

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