Playin Soccer: Leo Messi joins the bravest of children – SJD Pediatric Cancer Center

Awesome Tip: Leo Messi joins the bravest of children – SJD Pediatric Cancer Center

The Barça superstar puts smiles on children’s faces in this promo to support the #paralosvalientes project for a new paediatric cancer centre for children in the city of Barcelona.

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  1. Greatest and most humble athlete in the world!

  2. Mr.Inspiration Die Heart Fan From India


  4. Parabéns Leonel, emocionante.


  6. Enquanto isso Neymar está se lascando com uma aí….

  7. messi vs Ronaldo Messi win in foot skills

  8. 0:11 that's not right

  9. Messi the G.O.A.T ❣❣

  10. 0:07 It's a bit creepy and weird

  11. Messi is the best

  12. The HERO of the whole UNIVERSE

  13. ¡Mama, Messi sigue espiandome mientras me baño!

  14. cual es la idea? que se van a morir como Messi con la selección argentina? lo encuentro sin sentido, y el tipo parece un pedofilo observando un niño en la ducha.

  15. Hahahahah what abunch of bald loosers

  16. i love messi

  17. Esta bonito pero la cara de Messi xddd imaginense si fuera el que ase a it xddd que miedo la cara

  18. Both Messi and Cristiano are great players as well as great humans

  19. I love messi I from kurdstan

  20. Leo Messi vamosssssssss el mejor del mundo

  21. The best heroe MESSI

  22. The girl or the boy

  23. That just looks like he supports juventus

  24. Who ever disliked, what is wrong with you?

  25. What a heart ..!!

  26. Wtf no one notice the weirdness of this bizarre commercial

  27. super cup we win!!!!™®

  28. This is so emotional!LEO MESSI YOU ARE MY HERO!♥♥♥

  29. This has got to be the funniest commercial. Not the cancer, just how messi is smiling

  30. si si

  31. thats creepy af

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