Playin Soccer: Leo Messi and Luis Suárez meet up with Gary Lineker at the team hotel in London

Awesome Tip: Leo Messi and Luis Suárez meet up with Gary Lineker at the team hotel in London

Gary Lineker meets Leo Messi
Pre-match Chelsea v FC Barcelona
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  1. Reply

    Lobo Carrasco!

    • Abz M
    • February 11, 2021

    Every single player from Argentina respects Gary Linekar – because of the world 86 connection and Barcelona roots

  2. Reply

    Messi is so lucky to be meeting Lineker.

  3. Reply

    Wow some great footballers on display here……………………………….and Gary Lineker………….Always in the shadow of Ian Rush.

  4. Reply

    Shite club dat barca

    • 12345
    • February 11, 2021

    Lineker got a boner

  5. Reply

    When Linekar became a fan boy..

  6. Reply

    Gary is a BArcelona legend..he scored 3 in calsio

  7. Reply

    0:16 what did he say to messi? anyone?

  8. Reply

    I really want to meet Leo some day

  9. Reply

    Me encanta esta fraternidad mas alla de las miserias entre ingleses y argentinos
    Lineker es un caballero!!!

  10. Reply

    Linekar played against Maradona and says Messi is the better player. Also, Ardilles played WITH Maradona for Argentina and says Messi is better. I agree with them.

  11. Reply

    Gary Lineker has now met the GOAT. The lucky swine 🙂 he is going to frame those photo's

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  15. Reply

    Linkeker, he's like a kid again!

  16. Reply

    Linkeker interviewing Messi has to happen someday while still playing

  17. Reply

    What a trio! How many Barca goals between them…

    • Sam
    • February 11, 2021

    Lineker loves Messi. He used to be one of those old fashioned types who said Maradona was the greatest but eventually he changed his mind at a later stage of Messi’s career. Even said Messi was the better dribbler, which is a massive statement because Messi is clearly better in all other areas, this was Maradona’s USP.

    • AH25
    • February 11, 2021

    Over rated as fuck

  18. Reply

    love barca

  19. Reply

    HatTricks in Clasicos, Gary Lineker > Ronaldo

  20. Reply

    My name is Gary

  21. Reply

    Vamoooossssssss Barca

  22. Reply

    fcuk piece of shit barshitlona

  23. Reply

    1st Class Messi Fan Gary Lineker

  24. Ivan Rakitic: Get away Lineker, the place should be mine

  25. Reply

    Messi and one of his greatest fan.

  26. Reply

    Estuvo el lobo carasco tmb que crack. Aguante Messi y el lobo

  27. Reply

    KING L10 the greatest all the time

    Força Barca

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