Playin Soccer: Lenglet and Arthur's first training sessions

Awesome Tip: Lenglet and Arthur's first training sessions

Arthur Melo and Clément Lenglet are getting ready for their first season at FC Barcelona, and the pair have enjoyed a packed schedule of training sessions at the Ciutat Esportiva.

The Brazilian joined the club a little over a week ago, and was officially presented at the Camp Nou on 12 July. He was in training soon after, getting to know the club methodology and some of his new teammates.

Lenglet was unveiled on Friday, 12 July, and has also wasted no time in getting up to speed. The pair have recently been undertaking double sessions with a selection of the first team players and reinforcements from Barça B.

This week they make their first away trip as Barça players, for a preseason tour of the USA that will see them play against Tottenham, AS Roma and AC Milan.
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    Vixe, mais um que vai elevar a relação de Brasil e Barça!

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    Arthur o novo Xavi, JOGA MUITO

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    Més que un club…^-^

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    1:07 who are those guys next to Arthur

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    الا أساطير

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    That turn at 1:01 is more than what Rakitic has made since 2014.

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    Arthur is very strong compared to others.his muscles are bigger than others

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    I don't know why I don't like lenglet

    • A. B
    • February 13, 2021

    Ter Stergen
    Semedo. Lenglet. Umititi. Alba
    Busquets. Arthur. Coutinho
    Messi. Suarez. Dembele

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    Honestly they are trash…..

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    Both of they're look happy..

    • keem
    • February 13, 2021

    Use our academy and stop wasting the fucking money … Look how much our youngsters have left us

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    Me a gustado mucho força barça!

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    why you keep Andres gomez, even his nation dont believe him, with him we can not win champion league #just feel it?????

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    Does both of them have the same kind of Boots/Cleats ???

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    O Arthur vai jogar muito no Barça

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    0.56 why is there a rainbow on the ground

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    Lionel messi I love you❤️

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    like for Armenia

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    It's well done to sign for Arthur and Lenglet but there is still possessions we need sign for.
    1. we need the the player that can play when Alba is missed.
    2. we need also the player which can play the possession of Sergio busguate.
    3. One striker who will be the next replace of Suarize.

    please sign these possessions. we want to have a strong squad this season. laliga and deliray are not enough we have to take the UCl thanks

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    Where’s our kings
    Messi .. rakitic .. suarez. Coutino

  24. ないすぅーーー

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    Where is Messi ??!

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    Barca the best club in the world

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    We need kante

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    We will not win an ucl…

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    get arthur to lose a little weight, and get lenglet more muscular, and they'll be set!!

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    Just tell us the shirt numbers will you

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    Anyone noticed that Xavi Simmons is practicing with the first team in this video

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    Fully supporting these two♥️

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