Playin Soccer: Learn the Game With AllAttack!

Awesome Tip: Learn the Game With AllAttack!

Our Channel Trailer for now 🙂 New video in the next few days!

Music: Jim Yosef & Alex Skrindo – Passion [NCS Release]


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Playin Soccer: Position Game "4v4 + 1 neutral player"


  1. I want to learn snapback . Please

  2. how to dribbling like Eden hazard please…

  3. hello sir thank you so much for your great video, I don't have words to appreciate your work. sir may I know when will you upload vedios for strength .please upload as soon as possible because I think it takes much time compare to skills.. thanks once again..

  4. how old are you?

  5. Hey AllAttack i'm a lover of football but i don't have proper ground to play i have to play in rough surface
    So please tell me which type of football should i use ??????
    In your videos you use match balls can i use that ??? please tell me???

  6. how to shoot free kick

  7. is this like a trailer or something? Cos i really like it 😀

  8. what boots name?

  9. what boots are you ?

  10. Long Shot Tutorial

  11. can you make an other video of how to do step overs and how to do a nutmeg with this technique because your first video was not so clear.thx 🙂

  12. Hey love your videos but can you make a Q&A

  13. Of u guys comtinue like that then i am pretty much sure that in some time u guys are going to be the best soccer channel on youtube!!
    Great work guys!!

  14. Do a chest control tutorial plz plz plz plz

  15. god knows your videos are awesome ok get an academy or youth programme for jamaican youths who love football ok

  16. Keeping powerful shots low at close range

  17. U guys make the best tutorials ever!

  18. or volley,heading

  19. do a bending video only that it. go very far end than bends in

  20. Proud to say I was watching when you were at 100 subs

  21. do a goalkeeping video!

  22. How to do Douglas Costa skill

  23. How to do the doubles costs skill

    • null
    • February 9, 2021

    Can you do a video on tiki taka?

  24. Do a video on how to keep good positioning in a game

  25. Do a video "How to do the Rabona" I am just dying to do it

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