Playin Soccer: Last workout ahead of Valencia match with Neto back in the squad

Awesome Tip: Last workout ahead of Valencia match with Neto back in the squad

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    Full timepass

  2. Reply

    What a music? Say please

  3. Reply

    Please Valverde❌ out never to winner like good manager… He is good Manager but not is for barça…

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    Ich vermisse Messi

  6. Reply

    Why does Pique always do that to his shorts?

  7. Reply

    برسا برسا

  8. Reply


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    is messi playing in this match vs valencia

  10. Reply

    Still am not happy want to see msg playing together before Tuesday anyway all the best barca love from my heart

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    Why do they spend all this time doing crosses in training when they are never used in games?? Ever since Alves left iv seen very few crosses in a Barca game

  12. Reply

    Arthur busquets de jong

    • xxx
    • February 13, 2021


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    Viva barsalona Subscrib

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    Good trainings but please change this f**** happy flower music. Is this football or Disney channel?

    • Bugs
    • February 13, 2021

    100 099 % lose this game

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    No music please only player sound……. please

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    Messi? Dortmund?!

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    good luck to day Barca , Griezmann , Suarez go up

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    Can't wait for griezmann dancing

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    It's time to make Barcelona great again!!!

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    البارشة وبس

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    Barca will return from this match. Barca 2-1 Valencia. ok?

  22. Reply

    Everyone, absolutely everyone: "De Jong, Busquets and Arthur"
    Valverde: "Rakitic"

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