Playin Soccer: Last training session before the cup match against Cultural

Awesome Tip: Last training session before the cup match against Cultural

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  1. Bite Suárez Bite

  2. ادري عفتو الدنيا كلها وخليتو صورة فيرمايلن هههه

  3. Please sign nicolas pepe from lile

  4. India

  5. 2019 ballon doo'r Lloris Karius.

  6. where is Messi

  7. Goat doesn't need ballon d'or!!!

  8. Where was messi?
    Looks like messi is given rest cause of UCL match against Tottenham

  9. Proud to be a fan of Barcelona

  10. next Thiago messi

  11. Messi no vaya a jugar Copa del Rey. Porque es equipo malo.

    • R P
    • February 9, 2021

    I am your biggest I have 21 shirts that say Messi and Barca

    • R P
    • February 9, 2021

    Sub my channel if u don’t he’s ganna lose

  12. Best of luck FCB

  13. hoping for cillessen to start against cultural.

  14. hope Malcom will play

  15. Messi deserves 11 Ballon Dors by now!

  16. The team <3

  17. Is dembele going to play?

  18. Força Barça

  19. А можно мне помогать.

  20. Молодец.

  21. 2018-2019 год

  22. Барселона показалось лучшие игры в Лиге чемпионов УЕФА.

  23. Не проиграй все матчи.

  24. Я люблю Тебя Барселона.

  25. I love Cillessen more than MATS.

  26. Nice

  27. força barça simpre

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