One of the most important games of the season is almost upon us, the visit of Atlético Madrid to Camp Nou in La Liga with the title still up for grabs. Diego Simeone’s team top the table but they are just two points ahead of Barça so a win for Ronald Koeman’s team would take the above Atlético. The Barça coach named a 23 man squad on Friday for the clash with the news being that Danish striker Martin Braithwaite returns to the list after injury.


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    Coeman médiocre, mes fesses

  2. Reply

    Fc barcelona

  3. Reply

    Fc Barcelona

  4. Reply


  5. We settled with a draw but we still have a lot of of chances after real drew Seville

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    اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك علئ سيدنا محمد ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. say goodbye to the title race after the 0-0

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    Se dejaron la fuerza en el entreno porque lo que fue el partido madre mía….

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    Buy locateli please

  10. Reply

    KOEMAN out.

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    For all BARCELONA players, the way to consistently win and win is that every match must be played very aggressively on all fronts, pressing on all fronts, high presing on all fronts, must have a strong physique, must have great energy, be smart in mastering the ball, it is not easy to lose the ball, high enthusiasm wants to win and wants to be a champion, fully focused and concentrated until the end of the game, flowing the ball quickly, must have a strong defense, compact, disciplined, must quickly seize the ball from the opponent, not let the opponent build attacks , you have to make a lot of chances, with accurate and good hull and cross passes, the forward must have a sharp and good finish, this can all be realized from strategy, good attacking tactics from the intelligence, quality and mentality of the coach's champion.

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    let's hope messi parties is working

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    Előre mondom Pedri megint alibit játszik.Pigué Busguets lassúsága minden komoly ellenfélnél probléma .Koeman képtelen egy normális fel állást a komoly ellenfelekkel szemben. A mérkőzés kőzben a cseréi hassztalanok. Fontos mérkőzésen Dembele hiánya valamint a 3.
    csatár egy BARCELONA hazai pályán sikert csak támadva érhet el..

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    Please. This is my humble request to all the family of Barca please support India footballers Orr Indian to do well in football

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    Suarez back

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    Leo please win the title and the ballon d'or is yours.

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    Leo please win the title and the ballon d'or is yours.

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    Форса Барса, We All Together on the Camp Nou!

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    Frank de Jong needs to strong his shooting skills

  20. Venga equipo a por los 3 puntos por favor os lo pidimos lo necesitamos

  21. Reply

    We never see any of those shoots on target in real matches as we see in training. Wished to see more players taking shoots on target from out of the 18 area, we would have scored many goals in several matches.

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    Pleassssse barcelona you [email protected]@

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    Visca El Barca ❤️

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    I wish countinho will stay in barcelona fc next season!

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