Playin Soccer: 🔥KOEMAN'S UCL WINNING GOAL! (STOICHKOV's throwback)

Awesome Tip: 🔥KOEMAN'S UCL WINNING GOAL! (STOICHKOV's throwback)

Hristo Stoichkov takes a look back at the UCL winner goal that Barça manager Ronald Koeman scored in Wembley in 1992 in this emotional short docommentary by the UEFA Champions League.


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  1. Stoichkov,Luis Enrique,koeman, guardiola and valverde are my favorite throwback players

  2. Cruyaff : Koeman :De jong

  3. Is Koeman a Defender? Cause if he's a defender WHY BARCELONA sucks on defence?

    The only problem with barca right now is the defensive quality we honestly just LACKS of it 🙁

  4. Barça es el equipo azul y rojo

  5. Cruyff
    De Jong

    Three Dutchman from Ajax to Barcelona.
    I Hope De Jong will be a Barca Legend like Cruyff and Koeman.

  6. Wish I was born in that era so that i can witness Sir Cruyff's football. Would love to hear more club legends talking about those days and teach us young Cules about our past

  7. Tu pipocou prus Bambis!

  8. Best Bulgarian player ever

  9. Once upon a time where Netherland captured the heart of Barcelona.. and those where the defining routes to glory.

  10. yah we will win no worries guys

  11. Imagine being trained by Koeman

  12. I hear a lot of people telling to sack I honestly disagree with all of you we need people that are part of our core to lead the club to succes again.

  13. Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

  14. Forget the shitty lineups and tactics Koeman will always be a Barcelona legend.

  15. Legendary. Iconic. Koeman.

  16. The legend Koeman with hresto , romario, and others for great team

  17. Messi is the king

  18. what a player Hristo

  19. Eeeee o tempo não fez bem ao Koeman

  20. Stoichkov una leyenda del gran dream team de johan cruyf

  21. Barca just reminding all plastic fans what and who koeman is..

  22. Veo todos los comentarios y …… todo el mundo habla ingles :((

    like si hablas español o entiendes español 🙂

  23. Yo soy bulgaro y stoickov era el mejor de bulgaria

  24. Por qué no pones de portero a Arnau Tenas???

  25. This is great. I hope we win it again soon. It's been w while

  26. برشل احبكم

  27. Nos dio la primera y confío en que nos dará la sexta

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