Playin Soccer: 💪🏋️ KOEMAN leads first session of 2020/21

Awesome Tip: 💪🏋️ KOEMAN leads first session of 2020/21

Ronald Koeman led the first session of a new era as 19 players from the first team joined together for the new season’s opening session under the new coach.


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    Hope dembele will play this season instead of sleeping in the hospital

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    Ojalá esta nueva temporada BArca pueda traer de vuelta a las orejas grandes, LaLiga y la Copa del Rey.
    Pasión por un equipo orgulloso.
    visca el Barça

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    Fan Barcelona

  5. Vamos koeman

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    Dembele runs with a nice forward lean and switches his legs in the air like a good sprinter. This effectively will make his reflexive mechanics to come into play making him incredibly fast. Alba runs with a nice high hip, this is where his speed comes from, as opposed to Arturo who runs with a low hip who is slow compared to the others. Problem with Alba is that he leans back at high speeds. If Dembele run with high hip like Alba he would not have tired easily like he does. He could have been as fast as he is but with stamina like Mbappe.

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    Deben meterle más al gimnasio necesitan más potencia física.

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    Y messi no llego.

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    Barcelona please sign some new young tough fast defenders.. please…team need that

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    Koman no serbi…para Barcelona…

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    barsa oldingidek har bir o‘yinda ustunlik qilishi kk. erta pressing favaritligi yo‘qolib boryabdi

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    Rafinha, Umtiti, Suarez, Pike, Semedo, Buesquets, Braitwhite, Vidal kabi o‘yinchilar o‘yinchimas. dalshi yo‘qotish kk. jamoani orqaga tortadi. yuqori templi o‘yinlarda o‘zini yo‘qotib qo‘yadi.

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    Messi is back

  15. Con ayuda de Dios el barca de koeman lo va hacer súper bien

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    I don't know what the real problem with Bartomeu is. Messi as great he is, was also a major impediment to other players as they couldn't express themselves as long as Messi's presence was there, hopefully after his complete departure the players would play with complete freedom and team performance improves. Also without Messi the board of directors will have a greater say on transfers and more power to the Coaches/Manager. If I personally wanted someone out it was/is/always has been Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz

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    Why the Barcelona's channel is in English? I remember Barcelona is in Spain so…

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    Bartomeu out

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    Messi griezman
    Vidal Frankie pjanic


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    Bartomeo out !!!!!!!

    He's the biggest blame in Barcelona history and he makes the best player of all time sad

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    I am a Bayern and CR7 fan but i feel bad for Barca I also want Bartamoeu out so in next year vhampions league we have to fight harder to win also Messi should not leave Barca they will be back evry team has ups and downs

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    The reason Messi want to leave Barca because it's all Bartomeu and Koeman fault because sell Suarez and another play poorly

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    Semedo should be out of the team.who agrees with me ?comment or like.☝

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    Espero de tot cor que sigui cert! Desitjo sincerament que us quedeu! Tots estem ferits i us esperem a tornar a casa! Torna als entrenaments! Estem esperant que el cor comenci a bategar de nou!

    Si us plau, torni del fons del meu cor! Tots us estimem el nostre estimat fill!

    No escoltis mai els benefactors que et diuen que vagis a mcity! Són cucs disfressats! Només volen fer-vos mal a vosaltres i a aquest equip. Queda’t aquí i guanya la glòria eterna! Perquè aquest és el vostre paradís Leo! I sense ell només hi ha perdició!

    Tots us esperem per tornar-vos a veure i sobretot per veure aquell gest vostre amb les mans cap al cel! Llavors sabrem amb certesa que ELL existeix i que ens ha retornat la vida.

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    Dembele working like he play in the park

  26. Looks like the players are training with less effort now

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    Solo ingleses ningún español xD

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