Playin Soccer: Kevin-Prince Boateng's most personal interview

Awesome Tip: Kevin-Prince Boateng's most personal interview

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  1. Reply

    Intelligence jumps right at you

  2. Reply

    Richtiger Kevin

    • L S
    • February 5, 2021

    They should've got Vela smh

  3. Reply

    Nur die SGE!!!

  4. Reply

    Has Barca gone mad? KPB?..lol

  5. Reply

    The interviewer seems …a very simple person .

  6. Reply

    im herzen FRANKFURTER

  7. Reply

    He won’t be any good mark my words

  8. Reply

    Hint + Hunch = Hinch. My boy Prince creating new words ahahah

  9. Reply

    Prince is a cool cat

  10. Reply

    good interview prince !!

  11. Reply

    and who is he ?

  12. Reply

    He is bench

  13. Reply

    Handshake was whack tho

  14. Reply

    the only barcelona player that can speak english

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    Fredo to Barcelona????? Thought he was a rapper

  17. Reply

    Michael Ballak dislike it

  18. Reply

    Vai Corinthians ◼◻

  19. Reply

    Enjoy the Spanish sun

  20. Reply

    Parece un buen tipo ademas se parece a muchos lediakovs y sherichevs de dubai pero weno hasta verano no esta mal

  21. Reply

    My guy Coutinho interviewing people now. Really hit rock bottom…

  22. Reply

    I will never forget what you did to Michael Ballack! You ruined his career

  23. Reply

    We tan God, Richard B

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