Playin Soccer: Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners | Training

Awesome Tip: Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners | Training

Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners! Improve faster with these training methods!


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—Mental —

The most important quality for beginning jugglers is persistence. You may not improve every time you juggle, but if you keep practicing regularly for several weeks and months, your skills will greatly expand. Try for new records, but be patient when they don’t come right away. Every time you practice juggling you grow muscles in your legs and cells in your brain that improve your skills. With regular practice, you will gradually become the excellent juggler you always wanted to be.

— Use Hands —

Use your hands when you are first learning to juggle. Start by using your hands between each touch, then gradually increase the number of touches until you feel comfortable juggling without using your hands as support. Like training wheels on a bike, using your hands can help you learn faster by enabling you to maintain more control during the early stages of learning.

— Alternate —

One of the keys to successful juggling is using both feet in combination to control the ball. Skillful jugglers develop a rhythm, moving the ball frequently between both feet. It’s important that you begin working with both feet right away, juggling the ball between them as often as you can.

— Use Backspin —

One of the most difficult challenges for beginning jugglers is keeping the ball from getting away from them. To help solve this problem, drop the ball with a slight backspin, and try to maintain the spin as you juggle. You will find that backspin keeps the ball coming back to you rather than getting away. As your skills improve, backspin will become a less important part of juggling. More advanced jugglers can use their toes to keep the ball up with no spin and greater precision.

— Weak Foot —

Juggling is far easier and more effective when both feet are involved. To help your weak foot become a full partner with your strong foot, spend some time improving your weak foot separately. Try to set new records using only your weak foot, even if the number of touches is small. If your weak foot can juggle the ball at least 5 times, it should be strong enough to alternate with your other foot and improve your overall juggling.

— No Hands —

With consistent practice you’ll be ready to go hands free. When you’re ready, practice juggling without using your hands by rolling the ball up your foot and into the air. Place one foot on top of the ball, quickly rolling it backwards and flicking the ball into the air.

— Next Steps —

As you become comfortable juggling with your lower body, your next step is to master ball control with your upper body. In future videos we’ll show training methods for upper body control, tricks, and game-related juggling skills.


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    Hi there, I want to know if Episoketren System, will really work for me? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular training program.

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    How long did it take you?
    Btw I’m trying to learn

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    thank you'
    you are good

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    Men I've learnt a lot from all attack, keep it up

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    Before i barley were any good at juggling, but i improved, my dream is a professional soccer player, it will come soon!

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    I can juggle like crazy now ! Thanks for the video

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    I’m naturally right footed, but I made a commitment to myself to improve my left foot. As a result I became left footed, simply by getting more touches than I had with my right foot

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    Love your chanel

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    I m from india and i have liked ur all videos and also subscribed

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    I m ur big fan

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    I also want to be like you

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    For 3 months iam practising but can't do more than 4

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    Speak Indonesia

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    Me,as a fired footballer from an amateur league; will start to try this soon in order to gain control over the ball again.

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    No lo podras traducir al español

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    Super Anna

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    i,m yem practicing but i can,t do it

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    I am now able to do 5000000000000 but im still trying to go higher though wish me luck 😉

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    Plese made vidio about juggle

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    Back spin vital point i think

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    The back spin actually helped me

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    How to train
    1. Kick the ball
    2. Pass the ball

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    He forgot to say “you’re watching all attack”

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    Bro make a vedio for harrry Kane

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    Me last year:coach did 2 juggles
    Me today:coach i did 50
    Me remembering this:i was so dumb

    practice makes perfect

    also watching all attack and unisport

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    How to control the ball

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    1/2 an hour per day btw

    First Day: Hit my knee or shin and the ball was everywhere
    Day 2: Hit my knee or shin and the ball was everywhere
    Day 3: I could do 3 – 5 but only with one leg
    Day 4: I could do 5 – 7 but with my right leg ONLY
    Day 5: Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 6: Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 7: Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 8: Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 9: Could do only 3 – 5with both legs
    Day 10:Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 11: Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 12: Could do only 3 – 5 with both legs
    Day 13: Could do only 5 -7 with both legs
    Day 15: Could do 7 – 9 with both legs
    Day 17: Could do 10 with both legs
    Day 25: Can do 15 – 21 with BOTH LEGS!!!

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    i do only 25 to 30 juggling

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    thank you i used to do 3 of them now i can do 8 i will train more to become better best football youtuber ever.

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    I will cut the ball into pieces

    I can't do it…

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    I study juggling the key to Study:-
    Secret tips
    Avoid overconfidence
    While juggling kepp yor leg straight
    Do not count while juggling keep juggling
    Do not rise your feet more heightthen the ball drop 90% it will be dropped
    .. if you follow this trick you will success 101%

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    Hey is that the park named Dewey o boster

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