Playin Soccer: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 4

Awesome Tip: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 4

This is the session we did in Episode 4 of the series. It was a medium intensity session. Check out the episode in the series:

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  1. Here is the breakdown for this one lads:
    Intensity: Medium
    Duration: 73 min (with breaks)
    Distance Covered: 2.55 km
    Average Heart Rate: 138 bpm
    Warmup: 15 min
    E1: 13 min
    E2: 16 min
    E3: 7 min 
    E4: 13 min
    E5: 5 min
    End Of Session Competition: Corner Kick Challenge (Isak✓)

  2. In England you would get told ur shit if u done that I know england have the best league and youth but even so come on America England is waiting for u to get better

  3. Love it if you could do something without any extra equipment apart from a ball and some cones. Something that you could do all by yourself. Great video btw keep it up 🙂

  4. Nice workout. From France

  5. Love it! Saw a few more individual drills I can use. Keep bringing it!

  6. 19 passes during 11 seconds, it's pretty high speed, it's very effective exercise, use it every time, try to do it on maximum possible speed, don't worry about frequent mistakes, it's absolutely normal for this drill

  7. Thanks soooo much for the help

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