Playin Soccer: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 3

Awesome Tip: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 3

This is the session we did in Episode 3 of the series. It was a light intensity session. Check out the episode in the series:

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  1. Here is the breakdown my friends:
    Intensity: Light
    Duration: 49 min (with breaks)
    Distance Covered: 1.90 km
    Average Heart Rate: 132 bpm
    Warmup: 15 min
    E1: 10 min
    E2: 10 min
    E3: 10 min
    End Of Session Competition: Accuracy Challenge (Coach Javi✓)

  2. where is it that you train ?

  3. Amazingly helpful thanks !!

  4. Javi, tengo 16 años y juego en el Alcobendas sport de Madrid, querría saber si puedo llegar a ser profesional. Y otra pregunta, que crees que debo hacer si aunque yo sea de los mejores de mi equipo, mi entrenador no me convoca porque tiene a sus primos en el equipo?

  5. The Videos are my favorites

  6. Where do you get the goalshot thing in the goal from?

  7. Another great episode Javi, always learning thanks for the great content

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