Playin Soccer: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 2

Awesome Tip: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 2

This is the session we did in Episode 2 of the series. It was a medium intensity session. Check out the episode in the series:

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    So here's the breakdown lads:
    Intensity: Medium
    Duration: 63 min (with breaks)
    Distance Covered: 2.43 km
    Average Heart Rate: 137 bpm
    Warmup: 15 min
    E1: 10 min
    E2: 10
    E3: 10
    E4: 12 min
    End Of Session Competition: Javelin Throw (Coach Javi✓)

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    How can I improve my fitness to last longer in a game ?

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    Mate top class this video! Love the content coach Javi

  4. Reply

    Awesome video

  5. Reply

    you gotta tell us how much water he drinks as well, since you never answered this question properly

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    Those are amazing

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    I never got the point of these drills from 0:50 to 0:57 can someone tell me whats the point of those drills I cant see how they relate in a game situation

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