Playin Soccer: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 1

Awesome Tip: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer – Session 1

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    So here's the breakdown lads:
    Intensity: Light
    Duration: 68 min (with breaks)
    Distance Covered: 2.08km
    Average Heart Rate: 128 bpm
    Warmup: 15 min
    E1: 10 min
    E2: 10 min
    E3: 10 min
    E4: 7 min
    E5: 7 Min
    End Of Session Competition: Crossbar Challenge (Isak✓)

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    Sorry just read what you typed in the comments

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    How long does each drill last

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    Awesome vid

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    Question for you, Coach Javi.  With all of the work in the same spot on the pitch, do you ever worry about tearing up the pitch in those spots where you perform the individual training?  Great individual session.  Love it!

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    What division of college does he play in and what's his position?

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    Awesome session

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    Great drills looking good

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    I saw your discription thank you

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    Can u please add reps/time and sets for the future episodes please and thank you

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