Playin Soccer: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer Ep. 7

Awesome Tip: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer Ep. 7

Follow Isak’s journey to becoming a pro player. In this series I will bring you along for the ride and show you what it takes to go from Division 1 to professional …


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    Sign up for my Atlanta camp!!!

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    I thought you said on the first couple of episodes that he was a midfielder. I thought he played centrally as a dm or pure cm.

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    What is the blue tape that he has around his knee called and what does it do?

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    Reminds me of Become Elite but a lot more matured.

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    I definitely like this format. I think you have to make it a few minutes longer to add in more of the actual session. And, definitely two cokes per episode. Love this! Keep em comin!

    • Cesar
    • February 25, 2021


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    I really liked that the training session was included in todays episode. Greetings from Norway!

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    Keep it like this javi

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    Where is session 5 and 6? And j think there should be one video only. By the way great content!

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    in love with this new series!!

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    Road to pro

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    Coach javi you should make a program. I have 42 bucks and i have no idea what to spend it on but im sure it has to do with soccer something that makes me better any opinions? And great vid. Keep it up and if i ever saw you would you sign my cleats?

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    So what do you think? Training session and episode in 1?

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