Playin Soccer: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer Ep. 6

Awesome Tip: Journey To Becoming A Professional Footballer Ep. 6

Follow Isak’s journey to becoming a pro player. In this series I will bring you along for the ride and show you what it takes to go from Division 1 to professional contract!
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  1. Reply

    Sign up for my Atlanta camp!!!

  2. Reply

    You know who Chris Gooding is?

  3. Reply

    pretty cool that you are about to release your own line! good luck !

    • Ni Ci
    • February 27, 2021

    Hey Javi what cardio do you use? Can you link the polar model?

  4. Reply

    push up challenge because the pyshical aspect is as important as the technical part of the game

  5. Reply

    Ping to a 1 touch in a coned box for the challenge

  6. Reply

    I touch juggling

    • Pete
    • February 27, 2021

    What polar device is your player using the watch or the heart monitor?

  7. Reply

    Hitting every corner with both feet from the pk spot in the least amount of tries

  8. Reply

    BEAST keep it up

  9. Reply

    Dude I love your vids. I wish I trained with you haha

  10. Reply

    Hit cross bar from outside the box and head it in without the ball bouncing

  11. Reply

    challenge: put an object down and you guys will have to kick the ball and whoever comes closest to the object wins

  12. Hope I have many when the coach javi merch comes out

  13. Reply

    PK challenge but only side netting counts.

  14. Reply

    coach javi what state are you in and do you train other players because you are an amazing coach and I would love to get some training from u

  15. Reply

    What kind of drone is that & how much did it cost?

  16. Reply

    How much does he pay you to train him?

    • Noah
    • February 27, 2021

    Just got here so hope vid is amazing like always

  17. Reply

    Hey everyone! Hope the series is entertaining and educational so far! What do you think about me releasing some Coach Javi training tops??

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