Playin Soccer: It Is ALMOST Ready!

Awesome Tip: It Is ALMOST Ready!

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    What ideas do you guys have for videos that I can film when the Fieldhouse is ready?

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    How do you feel about the rubber pellets causing cancer in kids especially in goalies? some are making this assumption

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    Some well worked goals there!

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    where are you live? its so beautiful sun

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    I am in the process of actually becoming a assistant coach at a club team where I live. The director is asking for a resume. What certain information should I include for a coaching resume?

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    Found ya, u12's good win. Good luck on rest of the fall season.

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    First please do a pre-game warmup .

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    Hey guys, my name is Pedro, I’m 16 years old and I'm a Brazilian soccer player pursuiting a high school scholarship for 2019. Here’s my highlights video  https://youtu.be/sXz3ZtE07oo, and I would be flattered if you could watch and share it. Thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoy the video!

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    not gonna lie that coffee montage made get up and make myself some.

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    Im a Sr in high school how can i pñay there?

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    These kids be balling out

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    Pretty sure you have the next pirlo in your team coach , some kid was giving some beautiful passes hahaha

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    Good stuffs, mate! Looking forward to some football training. I do like these vids as well. The place looks Fantastic; both, the field house and your home! Keep doing it!!

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    What cleats do you use!!!!!!

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    Coach Javi I have been recently watching your videos and I have been catch by some of the methods you have told us about. And I have been using them frequently been using them in my soccer games. I'm only 15 and your videos have caught my eyes… I just can't wait till your next videos and see what new stuff you can teach me by the way Mickey and Danny are my Cousins!!

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    Hey Coach Javi. I live in Grand Rapids. We have a tournament coming up here. Its 3v3. I know some of the guys for GRFC are gonna be here. I was wondering if you and some of the guys from DCFC would be willing to come and play in it. It would be a great atmosphere. I love both clubs and it'd be cool to see you guys. Thanks if you get a chance to read this. Love your videos!

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    what age groups does the dcfc youth teams have

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    Can't wait to watch coach Javi's new training videos!

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