Playin Soccer: Is NCAA Division 1 Soccer Really Your Best Option? Maybe Not…

Awesome Tip: Is NCAA Division 1 Soccer Really Your Best Option? Maybe Not…

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    Hope this helps a lot of you young lads! What other educational type videos do you guys want to see?

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    As always good info coach!! Keep up the great work!!

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    Can somebody transfer from D2 to D1?

  4. Reply

    I'd be more than willing to come on one of your videos if you're interested

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    I coach NJCAA and love it! My school is at the beach and one of the most affordable in the state even though we have 29k students. I used to coach NCAA for an elite program but NJCAA is where I am and want to stay. It is a great option if you want to get immediate playing time and not go into debt. Odd as it may sound my school doesn't accept internationals like the top teams. We have played every other level in out of season games to get my players exposure. I agree top D1 schools are the best but the location, price, and networking opportunities are overlooked far too often and young players have the "D1 or bust" mentality.

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    Greats advises

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    Great video just didn't know what you were talking about coz I live in England. Lol.

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    Hey coach Javi, I’m a senior right now and I don’t have any footage of any previous years. I just want to hear your opinion whether to go to a community college and play to get footage or just try to be a walk on at another college?

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    When’s DCFC starting the Season

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    What about for young ladies, is D1 the best option?

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    I had no clue there was a level below NAIA

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    Thanks mate!! Needed this

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    Referring some of my personal training kids to watch . Great job.

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    Im looking to come over from England to play D1 and this video has just made it even more exciting. is there anything I should know and is there anything I just bare in mind when choosing my college

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    Would it be a good idea to play in the NJCAA for two years and hopefully transfer to either the NAIA or NCAA?

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    Im concerned that if I choose an NAIA college my chances for moving towards professional football after are much harder.

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    Great video can you do a video about college soccer vs going abroad

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    Is it a viable option to not go to college and develop in leagues such as the UPSL or NPSL?

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    غغغ ایران

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    Can you make a video about walking on a college soccer team?

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