Playin Soccer: 🏋️ INTENSE DOUBLE SESSION in the rain 🌧️

Awesome Tip: 🏋️ INTENSE DOUBLE SESSION in the rain 🌧️

Barça completed their second double session in two days under the rain clouds. Amongst some intense fitness exercises, the first-team were involved in a training match packed with stunning goals! Watch the highlights!


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  1. Reply

    Kays Ruiz-Atil former barcelona is free agent by the season end would barcelona be interested in singing him for free

  2. Reply

    Barca best

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    Song?? Pls

  5. Reply

    تدريب عادي تقليدي كلاسيكي فاشل المفروض تدريب بدني اضافة الى صالات الحديد وهروله مستمره

  6. Reply

    please i need more of trincao and dembele also dont forget to always put coutinho on the pitch, lets make barcelona great again

  7. Reply

    when i see king leo smile again

  8. Reply

    0:11 didn't know messi had a right foot like that

  9. Reply

    the song wont help your lousy defense

  10. Reply

    What this song?

  11. Reply

    Con fe de empezar bien la temporada. Jugadores hay, solo falta ver como lo hace Koeman

  12. Reply

    Just happy to see dembele

  13. Reply


  14. Reply

    The song is litterly my felling right now

  15. Reply

    Visca el barça visca cataluña

  16. Reply

    Messi Messi Messi

  17. Reply

    That backsound was great!

  18. Liberen a Messi, el ya no Quiere al Barça. Son el Equipo mas Toxico de la Liga.. Son como un novio Intenso y acosador..

  19. Reply

    Ché Barcellona Ché Fortissima

  20. Reply

    .can long video

  21. Reply

    Can someone please tell me what the first song is

  22. Reply

    i think rafinha should be given some opportunities. we havenot seen much of his good sides. he deserves it. i think he is a good player will be effective for sure

  23. Reply

    1.14 ..no one is interacting with Coutinho …why ?

  24. Reply

    Make barcelona great again – ronald trump

  25. Reply

    5:09 lol

  26. Reply

    Koeman commands so much authority even standing there just watching the drills

  27. Reply

    I Hope Dembele Not Injury ( papers ) anymore

  28. Reply

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya

  29. Reply

    I have faith ❤

  30. Reply

    please anyone who know the title of the song

  31. Reply

    Monchu Rodriguez e Alex Collado não podem sair. Têm de ficar na equipa.

  32. Reply

    Welcome back coutinho

  33. Reply

    Eso es intenso?

  34. Reply

    FC Barcelona vs Gimnastic FC
    where to watch?
    will barca's youtube channel telecast the match?

  35. Reply

    I can't see Ter Stegen, where he is?

  36. Reply

    Messi smile fun

  37. Reply

    . Messi
    Coutino griezie dembl
    Busq de jong
    Alb sergio
    Lengt piqe

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