Playin Soccer: [INSIDE VIEW] Aleix Vidal rehabs following ankle injury

Awesome Tip: [INSIDE VIEW] Aleix Vidal rehabs following ankle injury

The FC Barcelona full back put in three and a half months of hard work to recover from a dislocated ankle in time for the Copa del Rey final.
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    like a motivation


  3. Reply

    vamos Aleix Vidal recuperate pronto, eres un verdadero Crack

  4. Reply

    #ForzaAleíx ! Soutient de Francía

  5. Reply

    buy Right back

  6. Reply

    Grande Aleix, estoy segura de que esta temporada te sales

  7. Reply

    Aleix espero que el año que viene nos enseñes tu buen fútbol.

  8. amazing player

    • Wil.o
    • February 11, 2021


  9. Reply


    • Misha
    • February 11, 2021

    way to go champ , hope you get a chance under valverde . That was a lovely gesture by sam , alba and gomes to visit you .

  10. Reply

    Congratulations to you and the medical staff.. Great work.. Hope to have a great season 2017 – 2018.. I wish you the best!!

  11. Reply

    Why that sand?

  12. Reply

    That injury was really EW..

  13. Reply

    that passion in his eyes……love you aleix 🙂

  14. Reply

    Força Aleix!

  15. Reply

    I feel bad h can't play in the next match

  16. Reply

    Aleix road to get out of FCB

  17. Reply

    good to see alex vidal again on the field

  18. Reply

    hector belerin should go to barcelona

  19. Reply

    vamos Alex tú puedes

    • Hafiz
    • February 11, 2021

    his beard disappeared halfway through the clip. haha

  20. Reply

    happy to see you again

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    Get well soon…

  23. Reply

    vida need to play more !!

  24. Reply

    all barca fans love aleix vidal

  25. Reply

    molt molt que bé! ets un complet campió

  26. Reply

    before getting loaned out to Villareal.

  27. Reply

    Espero le den la oportunidad de seguir en el equipo denle minutos y este sera uno de los mejores laterales del mundo.

  28. Reply

    he's shows very good spirit and determination, hope to see you soon on the pitch aleix !!

  29. Reply

    If barca sell this guy . Bartomeu must be realy stupid
    Sorry for my leangue

  30. Reply

    Love seeing Vidal back to full fitness, was really enjoying his performances up to his injury, excited to see him again next season!

  31. Reply

    Barca should keep Vidal, he's really talented and did a great job before his horrible injury.

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    Fuerza Aleix serás ese lateral derecho que necesitamos

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    q grande !eres un crack . carismatico y un tio currante como tu se merece lo mejor .!!!!

  34. Reply

    He will sort our rb problem

  35. Reply

    I can't for his full on comeback

  36. Reply

    best deal ever a fighter ^_^ #vamosAleix

  37. Reply

    Aleix Vidal bether than sergio

  38. Reply

    me encanta aleix Vidal ojala no se lesione mas y no se vaya el mejor lateral derecho a nivel de dani alves

  39. Reply

    We at least need Coutinho and Dybala

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