Playin Soccer: INSIDE TOUR | What's in Sergi Roberto's case?

Awesome Tip: INSIDE TOUR | What's in Sergi Roberto's case?

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  1. No sergi robeto

  2. I love sergi roberto so much one of my favourite players

  3. What's in rakitic suitcase

  4. él es muy lindo jajaja

  5. My fans

  6. Sergio eres el mejor

  7. يارب رباط

  8. El es mi jugador favorito

  9. Great

  10. IN LOVE ..

  11. yaay, my two favorite things, Sergi Roberto and Game of thrones 😀

  12. How is he so organized? My own bag is a complete mess of books, notebooks, a binder, a computer, papers, more books…how is it possible to travel so light? I can never get enough books on my travels. I'd need pretty much a book a day.

  13. Sergi Roberto is the all around player. He is probably going to end up playing as Defensive midfielder or a central defender in line of 3 he can play almost everywhere just not as a finisher he has an awful shot which is common in Barca academy players. Pique awful shooting, búsquete terrible, Xavi the same Iniesta ok, Rafinha blah, they need to teach the midfielders to be good finishers too.

  14. barcelona

  15. Y la play con el fortnite?

  16. Este es un gran jugador y la humildad que tiene es increíble… supo esperar su momento y ahora es ejemplo para la Cantera. #Sergi

  17. El primer español que conozco que no pronuncia las palabras en ingles como si fueran en español.

  18. Hes so cute!

    • woo
    • February 3, 2021


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