Playin Soccer: INSIDE TOUR | Neymar madness at Miami Beach #LiveMiami

Awesome Tip: INSIDE TOUR | Neymar madness at Miami Beach #LiveMiami

Neymarjr madness at Miami Beach
Miami vibra con Neymar Jr
Miami vibra amb Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr took over Miami Beach this morning at the presentation of the new Nike Mercurial football shoe and the team’s new Nike sersey in the United States, where the team played their first game un the new shirt sponsor—Rakuten—in the 2–1 victory over Juventus last Saturday night.
A young audience of more than 400 packed the Nike Store for the 20-minute event, during which Neymar, who has scored all three of the team’s goals this preseason, thanked the fans for coming out and commented on his affection for the city of Miami.
After congratulating the winners of a contest organized by Nike, Neymar went into the store at the Lincoln Road Mall, followed by his most unconditional fans, who scrambled to get pictures of the Barça number 11.


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    Neymar number 1 garbage soccer player in the world

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    Will neymar come back to barca

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    Se Queda

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    até eu sairia do Barça por 70.000.00 Club é tudo igual.

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    isto se chama brilho carisma é dele ninguem tira

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    Neymar, you will never get this same family back…

    At the Championsleaugue, you fucked PSG, and now, for fucking money, you are leaving. Spend the fucking money to brasil and the Kids on the street.
    Don't forget where you was born…
    In the slums from brasil.
    Thousand Kids want to play Football, but the have no balls. The same like you…

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    I'm done with football (aka soccer).
    222 million euros for a player – this is perverse.

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    Messi is down in term of productivity, Suarez was very pale even nonexistent in the USA tournament… Neymar was the man, delivers 2 passes, 3 goals

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    Todos nosotros qué le VAMOS al FC BARCELONA deberíamos estar agradecidos con NEYMAR por los momentos que nos a dado ejemplo:remontada del PSG equipó por el qué fichará #LIKE

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    Neymar não vai sair

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