Playin Soccer: INSIDE TOUR | Behind the scenes: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid (ICC 2017)

Awesome Tip: INSIDE TOUR | Behind the scenes: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid (ICC 2017)

The Clásico on Saturday was a truly special occasion; the first ever between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona to take place outside of Spain, and in Miami of all places. Expectations ran high; the fans had spent months waiting for this day, and they weren’t to be disappointed.

The crowd were pumped up at the prospect of seeing their heroes in the flesh, and their first ever Clásico in person. And being the United States, we were treated to a gala party that would not have been out of place at the Superbowl.

The Hard Rock Stadium is no stranger to NFL finals, so naturally there was going to be a musical extravaganza. Prince Royce got the pre-game party started, with Marc Anthony coming on stage at half-time.

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    Barcelona should have a person like lukaku

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    In Korea, Ronaldo is a thief. and no.1 messi!!!

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    Barcelona's my

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    Gold Barcelona

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    What's the song please????

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    Rakitic and Valverde OUT

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    Like if you miss Neymar!!

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    I went to this gane

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    Best trio Neymar9 Messi10 Suarez11

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    Mesi boos

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    I hope one day.. I will be a football player.. Amin

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    2:00 song ????

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    Went to the game and i enjoyed it had to be one of my best days of my life

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    Like Si Messi Es El Mejor De El Mundo

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    #Messi el mejor para siempre^

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    name of the back ground music???TIA

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    Name of the songs anyone

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    I love barcelona

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    What is the song title in this video.??

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