Playin Soccer: INSIDE TOUR | Behind the scenes: Barça – Manchester United (ICC 2017)

Awesome Tip: INSIDE TOUR | Behind the scenes: Barça – Manchester United (ICC 2017)

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    Stadium is full of Manchester fans.
    As usual.

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    Right at 1:54 you see the god of football

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    Bring neymar back

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    Love increíble

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    Love neymar

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    I liked it when José Mourinho hugged Leo.

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    Olle todos los videos de barcelona me gustan
    Porque son bacan

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    children wearing mcdonalds clothes.

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    Si Neymar Se Va Para El PSG Fichen Ha Julian Draxler

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    messi and nemar com in Nepal

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    What's that song from 1:101:55

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    is it me or are just latinos football fans in USA? :))))

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    Where in Mexico are they playing?

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    Literally was there the other day

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    but have u ever seen mascherano laughing so much

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    is that Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner intro?

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    This is football :):):)

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    0:33 torre do homem aranha lá no fundo

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    I really like that atmosphere at the end like everyone's just smiling and stuff

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    Neymar please fook off from Barca we don't need traitor or greedy leach who don't respect Club.Even if he don't leave this year he will leave next year for sure so why keep a player who is not respectfull to a club.Just go away we don't need Drama kid.We can survive with or without Neymar. Messi is king and you will be in his shadow till he retires just like cr7. Get out from Barca as soon as possible we lost respect for you Greedy leach.

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    Messi Rocks

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    It didn't show the hot cheerleaders

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    Felicidades a los que preparan estos vídeos. Son muy buenos.

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    Pogba & Neimar fariam uma boa dúpla! Abraço de Angola

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    Manu trying to feed off of Barca's greatness

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    good video

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    I'm happy to see that everyone had a great time after the game. At the end of the day beautiful futbol was played and everyone enjoyed their time. I'll be honest I was very happy to see mourino greet MSN

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    If Ney has to be let go, Barca management gotta make sure to get both COUTINHO and VARETTI; otherwise our depth would be seriously hurt.

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    Can i get 10 subscribers without uploading any video. btw don't read my name

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