Playin Soccer: INSIDE TOUR | Barça gives fans a show at Red Bull Arena

Awesome Tip: INSIDE TOUR | Barça gives fans a show at Red Bull Arena

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  1. Reply

    @2:23 yuck

  2. Why is there Pirlo

    (Sorry for my language I’m not English

  3. Reply

    There is only one ,,messi

  4. Reply

    I went there

  5. Reply

    Name of song?

  6. Reply

    if neymar want to lives Barça just their is one player to replace him his name is: EDEN HAZARD

  7. Reply

    4:20… Edgar Davids and Gerard Pique

  8. Reply

    Come to PSG Neymar please

  9. Reply

    4:28 neymar with a can of berer?

  10. Reply

    neymar melhor do mundo

  11. Reply

    Love Barça

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    You could hear me yelling pique at the end hahahaha

  14. Reply

    2:20 what song? plis

  15. Reply

    gaymar out

  16. Reply

    4:21 is that davids ????

  17. Reply

    is munir back?

  18. Reply

    Barca team convinced Neymar to stay now you plastic fans talking shit about him leaving can stfu

  19. Reply

    Vamo q vamo Barça !!!

  20. Reply

    Carles Alena is shit

  21. Reply

    Davids !!!

  22. Reply

    what song

  23. Reply

    Maybe we see MSN last time together:(

  24. Reply

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