Playin Soccer: INSIDE TOUR #3 | American fans show love of Barça

Awesome Tip: INSIDE TOUR #3 | American fans show love of Barça

Wherever they are in the world, Barça players are highly sought after for autographs and photos. Currently on tour in the USA, the players have got a taste of their American fanbase during the opening days of their trip to the West Coast, with various events involving the first team and Barça Women sides, in which they have given Stateside supporters the chance to meet some of their heroes.
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    FC Barcelona with , without titles in my heart ❤️

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    Deve ta rolando uma metedeira desenfreada nesse tour do barça!

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    Forca Barca! Our girls are so sexy! °~°

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    Martens so cute

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    Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi

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    Contrata o David Neres ele joga muita bola

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    los subtitulos en catalan?

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    لعربي لايك

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    Our femini players are the best I'm sure barca will succeed in bringing female football to the top it's in our DNA always progressive mes que un club

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    • aseed
    • February 21, 2021


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    2:20 e o sergi roberto so olhando o denis suarez paquerando a lorinha

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    Lol there was supposed to be a training session at 10 today in la I drove 2 hours they cancelled it so pissed

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    Messi la pulga

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    Next time use a microphone please!

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    deve rola uma suruba isso ai,time de mulheres e homen juntos!!! hahah

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    2:20 look he’s flirting

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    Y las mujeres viajando en primera clase, para que luego los madridistas no hablen tanto.

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    Tickets for FC Barcelona femeni vs SoCal FC are free get yours here


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    Let’s go Arthur!!! New Xavi!!!!

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    Roma will fuck barca again

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    You take too draxler and santi mina as substituted and yerry mina stay!

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    I’m going to the AC Milan game!

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