Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – What Does It Look Like In D1 Soccer?

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – What Does It Look Like In D1 Soccer?

Preseason has begun officially. Day 1 is mostly meetings and day 2 the playing begins. Hope you like the video!

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    Notification Squad get in there son!!! Feedback! Please let me know what you think and what I can do to give you some insight on how we go through preseason. Also, I will definitely do some camps but keep letting me know where I should go!

  2. Reply

    Come to Miami, Florida!! Great video by the way!

  3. Reply

    Come to Houston !

  4. Reply

    Camp sounds like a great idea, make it in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

  5. Reply

    I would like to see the scouting guide please!!!

  6. Reply

    Los Ángeles please

  7. Reply

    La county . California.

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    Hey Coach, we featured you on our website http://www.insidecollegesoccer.com

  9. Reply

    Houston texas please

  10. Reply

    Javi, love this. thanks. Yes- interested in camps. keep me posted. thanks Minnesota

  11. Reply

    City Oceanside

  12. Reply

    Today new day you can go to the gym

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    Coach Javi,
    You said that you were the coach of both teams, but when I look on the mens soccer page, I don't see you listed. are you the head coach of both teams, and if so how do you manage both teams? Also is there any way I could get in contact with you, because I am interested in playing at Gardner-Webb. Thank You!

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    I coach D3 men's. Enjoy your videos. I view soccer very simular to you. Loved your recruiting video. Your simplicity in describing what you look for when recruiting was spot-on.

  15. Reply

    Dallas Texas

  16. Reply

    Coach javi what do u think about strict coaches??

  17. Reply

    Riverside ca,

  18. Reply


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    Seattle, WA

  20. Reply


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    Interested to know more about how the scouting works, US kids. Main difference between internationals and US? What can young kids start to do to get noticed and how parents can further build on their existing skills/attributes.

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    Go camp to Orlando , FL or somewhere in Florida

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    Just found your channel. Was a college prospect back in HS due to my club performances, didn't end up taking the offers I had due to personal reasons. Despite that, these videos of yours will help me teach one of my young buddies how to develop his game and take it further.


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    come have a camp in Colorado Springs, CO. You won't regret it

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    yes, can you please keep posting videos of the trainings !! and what can you recommend me to do to get my stamina up, cause i'm from a country where we don't run much and i really need to focus on that so i can get a scholarship ? tell me what to do please! thanks

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    to Natomas High School

  27. Reply

    Come to Sacramento, CA

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    Like how you motivate me!! Your always putting in work!!

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