Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – He Won The National Championship!

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – He Won The National Championship!

Man U Fitness Test

Interval Test

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    GET IN THERE NOTIFICATION SQUAD!! Just want to give a congrats to Koloko for all the work he put in and glad it has paid off. Thanks to everyone who was worried about Coach Javi not getting sleep, but I guarantee I will stay healthy and I will keep working hard to provide you guys with quality content! Any questions or suggestions on how to incorporate the GoPro let me know!

  2. Reply

    Put the GoPro on one of your players in a game????

  3. Reply

    Stop drinking Monster, dude.

  4. Reply

    I remember going there last year to a soccer camp

  5. Reply

    Do you scout player and if so would you be willing to check out players from canada as many of us are overlooked and soccer is not taken very seriously over here

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    Hey javi I was wondering if you could do a video on how to become a soccer coach for a university. Like what a university would look for like playing professional or just playing college soccer. Also say I majored in sports management what would a good minor Be? I know you need a coaching license and need to take classes. Could you just take us through the steps on how some one would do it.

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    Hey Coach Javi, i was wondering what should my record in juggling with both feet be?
    My current record is 828 and almost every time i can juggle around 300-400 juggles with both feet?
    How much should my average juggles be?

    Also im 14 and i have a really good first touch but hey it can still be improved and thats what i want to do!
    ALSO do you think my record is good considering my age?

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    Wow your videos are soo entertaining you're actually my favourite soccer youtouber keep working hard que dios te bendiga

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    Great video as usual. A couple tips for how to use the new go pro.
    Work on foot speed and technique; have the go pro on the chest pointing the camera down at the ball. Have the player perform technical dribbling moves (either static or in movement towards a cone). You could do a video of the proper technique for a step over or even just an inside outside of the dominant foot. Helping correct the players actual touches on the ball, also while teaching your YouTube fans the correct way.
    Or you could put it on the head of the defender and have them do 75% effort defense down to the cone. Giving the viewer the perfect view of what can be fixed through individual practice.

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    What do you do in your tactical sessions?

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    Javi im a 14 year old and my goal in life is to go pro but I can sometimes struggle in school and I've always wanted to ask you do you think it's POSSIBLE to go pro without school or specifically with below average grades, love your channel keep up the amazing content

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    Your videos are pretty entertaining. Keep it up

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    I Just Came from a tournament in guadalajara jalisco i live in laredo tx and i got scouted from pachuca and im going to zacatecas next sunday to try out!

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    Javi what are the cleats you use in your Sunday league videos?

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    I really love and relate to your obsession with the game. I lost focus at 17 and my football suffered because of it. I fell out of love with the game. Im 22 now and I'm back playing for the first time and I'm so focused on improving and putting the work in because its what i love. Your videos are very inspiring. Big fan from Liverpool, UK. Keep it up.

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    That's my dude koloko #ATL

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    Just seen a couple of videos and I already dig the videos hope you get big one day !!!!

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    Please don't sacrifice your sleep. Do u mind making videos on tactical session too??? I guess you could use the go pro to record individual session.

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    Im a goalkeeper and I think you should use the go pro on the goalkeepers or players during scrimmage or when the goalkeepers practice

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    Coach javi what are your thoughts about osorio?

  21. Reply

    Coach Javi has one of the most entertaining and helpful YouTube soccer channels

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    When you coming back to Chicago !?

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    love this channel!

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    Javi, sometimes'" less is more" when coaching , as coaches want to give our student athletes tons of info we need to find the balance for the betterment of the teams mindset and understanding of the concepts we are requiring of them . just a thought form Chris , now in Cincinnati ,OH ,

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    This proves your training sessions work. Very proud of you.

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    The car part trying to unlock another car happened to me and my girlfriend lol we were hella laughing haha keep up the videos bro , football (soccer) all day everyday.

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    Congratulations to Koloko, that training did pay off. Nice work Javi!

    I think a cool thing with the GoPro is to let one of the players wear it during drills, or maybe even you can while running drills with them.

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    Maybe do a "day in the life of Coach Javi" video.

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    Do a gardener Webb shirt giveaway ?

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    coach are you addicted to monster?

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