Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Women's Soccer – Day 3!

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Women's Soccer – Day 3!

Welcome back to another day of preseason. Please comment down below how I can give you this inside access in a better format or if you like this current one! Trying to make it as accessible for everyone to see how it works at a D1 school during preseason!

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  1. Reply

    ive noticed other youtubers have atleast got a few days worth of footage and take whatever day they have off to edit their videos!

  2. Reply

    Spread it out, get some sleep! Coach Javi can you make videos of different soccer positions with your players. Like each position video that you make grab one of your players giving us tips of how they perform or how they like to perform in their position.

  3. Reply

    Spread it out

  4. Reply

    Hello Coach,
    thank you for your time putting all these videos up and showing a bit of your work and personal life. I am a grass root and Academy coach in London: UK, and I was wondering about your video set. Apologies if you have previously answered this question but I am struggling to find a video set on a low budget to use. My team is moving to 11v11 and my Sony Handy Cams are no longer enough to capture from long range at pitch height.

    Thank you for your time.
    Fábio C.

  5. Reply

    Good job

  6. Reply

    YO! Coach Javi my man! I love your content and free drills. Pls, don't sacrifice your sleep. Do u also mind making videos which are related to the tactical side??

  7. Reply

    Hey coach javi, just a quick question about Eligibility in the NCAA. As long as i havent played my 4 years of college soccer am i eligible to play in the NCAA? I am in my second season of JuCo right now, but i went to college for a year before i started playing, would i still have 2 yrs of eligibility for NCAA? I know their rules are different from all the other divisions

  8. Reply

    where is the team based at?

  9. Reply

    Coach Javi do you watch the Mexican league if so which is your favorite team

  10. Reply

    Maintain the quality…get sleep. Summary over a couple of days makes sense. Either way will stay tuned!

  11. Reply

    Post everyday man. Really enjoy watching!

  12. Reply

    Do it every day!

  13. Reply

    Is he head coach? Idr

  14. Reply

    Hey Javi your videos are awesome. I am a freshman going into college and also playing soccer for the school. Pre season for me starts monday. Watching your videos has been pumping me up for my season even more. Good luck to you guys this year for the mens and womens team! Excited to watch you're channel grow. Keep up the good work Javi!

  15. Reply

    I'm enjoying your pre-season stuff so far. The short clips of different training is awesome. Next time include some regular speed game footage (time allowing). Maybe drop in a snippet of what you're clipping for film. And most importantly, show us how much fun you're having getting paid to do something you enjoy.

    But don't spread yourself too thin. I'll take 2-3 days in a video if it's easier.

  16. Reply

    Hi Javi have been using yr vids for coaching. Brilliant alongside my SAQ knowledge just the business. Thanks

  17. Reply

    Sacrifice yo sleep

  18. Reply

    Do each day

  19. Reply

    Damn bro just started watching your videos like two days ago. You just appeared out of the nowhere and I'm already hooked with your channel lol

  20. Reply

    What advice do yo have for transfer players from a two year community college?

  21. Reply

    quality content!!!

  22. Reply

    Great video like always Coach Javi! I do think that maybe you can combine 2-3 days of preseason into 1 video that way you're not killing yourself. I mean I really do appreciate the effort but it's better to work smarter not harder right? Lol. As I can see you have long days and to still edit at the end of the day and giving up sleep hours well that's tough but then again you do have monsters lol. Before I go, remember to hit the gym and work in the golf game mate 🙂 I'm looking forward to your next video like always. P.S. LA Camp lol

  23. Reply

    A few days at a time

  24. Reply

    Where you from

  25. Reply

    Sacrifice the sleep for the subscribers!!!

  26. Reply

    Hey Javi! Is there a chance maybe you can split up each day by position? Like one video you work with just the forwards and show what kind of drills they Do? And like the next video is specifically on keepers? And so on. Thanks!

  27. Reply

    Coach Javi I bet you on the Arsenal – Chelsea Game. I'm a Chelsea fan and let me know if you're up for it

    • BG
    • February 8, 2021

    Made it to varsity D1. YEAH!

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