Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Soccer Player Cam and Tactical Analysis!

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Soccer Player Cam and Tactical Analysis!

Another long day of preseason, focusing on some defensive concepts! I wanted to give you the players’ perspective as well as a quick tactical analysis of our scrimmage. Also, definitely excited to bring a new project to you guys along with Bradley Morrison, a USSF A license coach as well as an ODP staff coach in North Carolina! Let us know your thoughts below.

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    Hey guys, first of all, sorry if the GoPro footage gets you a bit dizzy! If it did I'll try and change that in the future. Also, comment down below what you think of me and Brad's idea of a PDF booklet full of drills and exercises you can do! Would love to hear your feedback! Hope you guys are liking the inside preseason series so far!

  2. Reply

    I know this is super late but I love the coaching points!

  3. Reply

    Looking forward for the PDF. I have one son playing in a D3 school and the other is playing HS. This will come very handy. Thanks.

  4. Reply

    I would definitely be interested in a PDF, also the content on your channel is rich and highly applicable for a college level player looking to improve skills and game intelligence, keep it up coach Javi!

  5. Reply

    As a highschool player I enjoy hearing the coaching tid bits, because it helps me with game knowledge. If you could keep it up I would appreciate it!

  6. Reply

    Coach- loving the coaching points you gave. Film on the 11v11 was sweet with the voice overs!!

  7. Reply

    I love the go pro

  8. Reply

    Awesome video compilation. We got some of everything. I liked the live coaching view of the practice and the quick snippet of the footage review. If you do a PDF I'd be interested in it. Your insight is great and you have some fantastic drills that I'm happy to pay for as they're helping me with practice planning – once I convert them from single player to team drills…

  9. Reply

    I would definetly be interested in the pdf

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    Hi coach Javi. Newly subscribed but already hooked on your channel! Keep up the great work. I have enjoyed watching every single one of the videos that I have come across. Please please get that PDF booklet going. I would be more than excited to pick up and download your content. Also, I enjoy listening to your coaching points. It makes it very clear and understandable what the end goal for that drill is. Again, thank you so much for your content and keep up the great work!

  11. Reply

    Do you not think the length of the lines in the first two drills are too long?

  12. Reply

    How does a college soccer team get into D1?

  13. Reply

    PDF sounds great! Good luck!

  14. Reply

    The PDF will be super helpful

  15. Reply

    @COACH JAVI did you coach JB in LA HIGH around 2009 2011 around there?

  16. Reply

    Hi coach, just wanted to let you know that the PDF idea is great and I am very interested in it. Thank you for all the inside look and knowledge about the game

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    The PDF booklet would be great! Thank you for all the content and tips so far

  18. Reply

    This guys thinks he is good

  19. Reply

    Im interested in the app that your gonna make!

  20. Reply

    More Go Pro

  21. Reply

    Hey coach do you do small sided games if you could up load some and show how to set up

  22. Reply

    Does Bradley M still do a opd team I am looking for one now and it'd be nice if you can get back to me thanks

    • ZAGE
    • February 19, 2021

    I love playing soccer and I play for club do you have any advice on how to get to academy soccer and you got yourself another sub I think your videos are very entertaining and they help a lot

  23. Reply

    Make a highlight video from your competitive games

  24. Reply

    Please do! Make the PDF Booklet

  25. Reply

    More coaching points for sure!! This is going to help a lot of players. The PDF idea would be awesome as well. Thanks mate

  26. Reply

    keep up with the tactical stuff mate !

  27. Reply

    Wish me luck by liking this comment because I have soccer tryout today

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    Good luck on your journey coach Javi! You deserve nothing but success! I will witness when you get to 1 million subscribers.

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    PDF, Yas!!!!!! Great idea, mate. Personally, I'm interested. Looking out for it and more drills.

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