Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Men's Soccer Training Session Breakdown

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Men's Soccer Training Session Breakdown

Men’s preseason has just begun! Take an inside look into our program and how we organize a session.

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  1. Hey guys, sorry I've been super busy the last few days! With the men's preseason starting, things are getting crazy. Hope you like the video. Keep it coming with the feedback and suggestions! And let's get to 20k soon!

  2. 2:15 que hace con una chaqueta del Getafe?? 🙂

  3. What do you use to make your plan sheet

  4. Can you tell me what a college fitness test consists of? wouldn't mind getting a head start on some of them.

  5. Can you begin to upload the "Train yourself" videos?

  6. TRinidad and tobago !!!

  7. coach javi im a high school soccer coach and im really enjoying watching it tnx !

  8. Arsenal fan?

  9. Top bins tonight mate.

  10. Coach Javi where do you get those JB Nike shirts you always where

  11. Hello Coach Javi, I personally feel that for a male football player playing collegiate ball is not beneficial and maybe a waste of time and that time should be focused towards studying and getting a career. For a male football player they should pursue a professional football career because the ages of 18-22 are crucial years in the development of players in the professional level examples such as Messi, Cristiano, Neymar etc. at José ages they were becoming stars and already were and collegiate football takes away those years and that is why you have players hitting their prime at 27-30 in the U.S. and a footballing career lasts at average till 35 years of age so footballing careers in the U.S. are shorter and not as successful in Europe. I would love to hear your opinion on this keep up the good work!

  12. yep

  13. Coach Javi, awesome content! Just finished up my USSF E License with aspirations to get up to A, and seeing your 4 stage training session was fantastic. I love the in depth look at what coaching at Div 1 is like. Keep the knowledge coming!

  14. Very useful information especially for those looking to play college soccer !! hope to see more of the women's. Even if they can talk about their journeys like how they got to where they are now playing college ball

  15. Wish I could play with you guys , I currently play high school soccer

  16. Hey just reminding you about RECRUITMENT PROCESS FOR INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS. Like this so Javi can see this

  17. Good video! Regarding the second team in a D1 school, are those players walk-ons, recruited, a combination, etc? And what about the girls, do they have the same team1/team2 make-up?

  18. I've 1h of technically training every day. I dedicate 10 to 15 min. max to warm up, stretch and cool down. So my question is: would you recommend me to have a 10 min. established routine that I do every day (like juggling and practicing specific moves every day) or shouldn't I have a established routine as I don't have that much time?

  19. Could you start doing soccer tactical analysis?

  20. Great vid as always!!! I've be en here since 13000!!!

  21. Did you go to the gym?

  22. Did u go to gym

  23. nice video

  24. You went to the gym fabi

  25. But i even play with a club?

  26. That impersonation though! lol.

  27. Hey Javi I love this new series and I heard you talk about the reserve team. Does every college have one and why? How much playing time do they get and what makes you a 1st team player and a reserved player?

  28. Great vlog.

  29. The keeper made the striker do a dance oml

  30. 7:15 that keeper just sauced up that man

  31. Coach Javi we just started working on pressure,cover balance this week and it is very confusing to me!! I'm trying to get it and I am starting to connect the dots but it's not fully connected yet, but I know it will be soon. Funny thing you said it's basic, that's stuff is hard lol

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