Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Men's Soccer – Training and Gameday

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – Division 1 Men's Soccer – Training and Gameday

Take a look inside preseason of a men’s soccer division 1 program!

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Yonas – Die Young


Those Nights (Vlog Music) by Dj Quads
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    Notification squad check in!! Hope you guys are liking the material lately. Is there anything else you may want to see? Also, thoughts and suggestions on the pdf booklet are very welcome. Let me know if you would be interested in that!

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    Get me that book!

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    Yes get the book out

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    i'm italian i play for Fiorentina

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    where are yuo from?

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    Great job on the videos. As a youth coach I find your stuff super informative, Keep up the good work. Interested in the pdf booklet!

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    Javi, the material is great.  I would be interested in the PDF and keep up the good work and good luck this year.

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    I am interested in the booklet! Great videos btw

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    So how is that PDF going , I would love to take it to the field

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    interested in the PDF

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    PDF would be fantastic!

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    What college is that?

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    Coach Javi include the in-game vlog. 🙂

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    And yes I would like to get to know some of your players coach Javi sure yes please

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    They we're pretty good

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    I have a question!! How many times does a footballer eat a day? or how much calories do they consume?

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    Hi Coach Javi, I'm a high school player who plays in an international school in China. I'm gonna apply to U.S. Colleges in fall, 2018. Your videos really help me. I am looking forward to given a chance in U.S. College soccer, and your videos really show me what D1 soccer looks like. I'm interested in your PDF booklet.

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    I'm super interested in the booklet

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    Say hi to Patrick Sastre for me!

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    very interested..thanks man

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    Interested in the booklet!

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    Get on that PDF ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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    Any tips on coachIng youth 10?

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    We're soooo interested

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    Great video Coach! Loved the slow​-mo with the song choice! Awesome! Also, im a goalkeeper coach Javi! If you could do a colab with your 1st team keeper so i can compare with myself that would be awesome.

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    ur an inspiration not only for coaches but for players!!

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    I am very interested in that PDF booklet.

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    Really enjoying the inside access Coach! Thanks for all the great content, and I would most definitely be interested in the PDF. One thing I've noticed but could be wrong, I'm not sure I've seen much in your content that focuses on the individual and team defensive skills and tactics. Would love to see how you approach this as well. Great Work Mate!

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    PDF please !!!

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    id be interested in the book

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    Can you still play D1 with a 2.0 GPA?

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    Interested in the pdf booklet for sure!

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    great job man

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    Pdf booklet! <3

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    Interested in PDF booklet

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    Im down to see that pdf booklet

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    How long is the college soccer season ?

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    You are awesome, appreciate the hard work you put in. I'm a NEW girls youth club coach and I watch your videos for inspiration. Thank you! I would definitely be interested in coach training information for youth and if you ever do soccer camps in Hawaii let me know.

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    I want the pdf booklet

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    I am interested in PDF

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    Pdf booklet

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    Definitely want the pdf booklet

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    I hope the booklet PDF is free

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