Playin Soccer: Inside Preseason – Coaches Perspective – Division 1 Men's Soccer

Awesome Tip: Inside Preseason – Coaches Perspective – Division 1 Men's Soccer

For this video, I wanted to give you an inside look on the perspective of different coaches! This is just a glimpse of a few sessions through our eyes and how we manage the team and run some sessions. Enjoy!

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  1. Notification Squad!! Today's video is a bit more of a raw take on some parts of our preseason through the perspective of the coaches. I wanted you guys to see a little bit from our view and how even at this level, the coaching philosophies and styles are different. Hope you guys are enjoying it so far!

  2. Does Episoketren System really work? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Episoketren System. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to increase your soccer game.

  3. Do you only coach the reserve squad?

  4. amazing video coach keep it up!!! also i would like to see an actual game of 11v11 if you haven't done that yet. Just want to get a good look on how d1 soccer is, goalie positioning, how players create space, pacing and shooting. you have the best soccer videos so keep up the good work!

  5. We're do u coach at

  6. you must have cut out 30 minutes of Ali speaking. good editing 🙂

  7. aye bro do you need to go to college to become a coach? or how should i do it ?

  8. Excellent. So insightful, loving these inside looks at a D1 program

  9. Love the video! I think it's great to see how pre season works for a D1 college program. Lot of the drills we use for club training, which I feel is a good thing!

  10. hey coach javi what tips would you give a player who is going to be a walk-on or trying out for a division 1 soccer team?

  11. I'm later gonna be in 9th grade can you tell me how to get scholarship to play in college?

  12. I'm faster than all of them

  13. You can tell this is a reserve squad, but by any means they aren't bad, I'd love to see the first team in games or practices

  14. make 11 v 11 video

  15. Were u from Coach Javi ??

  16. I love how you put in a lot of effort to the videos. Hopefully i can meet you in real life one day. I'm a freshmen in VA and I have been training by my self from your videos and I got into the varsity team for great bridge high because of you

  17. Great video javi, very interesting to see how you and ali thinks when training, funny to see fellow norwegians in the squad, hopefully i will go the same route as them, would really appriciate if you could look at my highlight video on my channel:)

  18. do more of these

  19. How can I join this team coach javi¿¿

  20. Did u go to the gym? And what is your workout split like?

  21. what program do you use to do your sessions?

  22. nice coaching Javi! Positive and correct! RSPCT

    • J
    • February 6, 2021

    Never seen D1 soccer who is the top prospect in soccer?

  23. Hi coach Javi do y'all only scout for high schoolers and acadame players

  24. hey coach how is it going?

  25. Why did you retired?

  26. Hey Coach Javi! Saludos. Very good practice, the way you explain those drills are really good and excellent tactical moves. Siguele echando ganas!! Gym?

  27. Coach javi what do you think about walk on players? Have players you have delt with gotten the same amount of opportunities as a player who was recruited?

    • JN10
    • February 6, 2021

    Make a 11 v 11 video plssss

  28. Coach Javi, can you please type out the instructions for the drill the guys were doing at 10:25, I want to show my high school coach something new because we have been doing the same drills since last season

  29. good stuff !!!! 343

  30. Mate soon ill will be there just wait 2 years if god give me the chance

  31. Yeah I think you did show us him

  32. I ain't tryna be cocky but I could've easily be on that roster, some of those players aren't so great for D1.

  33. Digging the coaches perspective video mate.

  34. Over loading is genius, good coach 🙂

  35. Did you go to the gym? Also when on the offensive should I tell my mid fields to play in a diamond shape with the striker?

  36. does every college soccer team have a reserve team?

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