Playin Soccer: INSIDE CHAMPIONS | Napoli-Barça (Match preview)

Awesome Tip: INSIDE CHAMPIONS | Napoli-Barça (Match preview)

Barça arrived in Naples yesterday where they got straight to work on their preparations for Tuesday’s #UCL clash at the Stadio San Paolo, training under the floodlights and getting used to their new surroundings. Want to see how it all went down? Join us behind the scenes in Naples!


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  1. Reply

    We are ready for 2nd leg Barca expect freekick Goal from messi

  2. Reply

    Why is this girl in front of camera??? Look at Liverpool inside and there is no host. That is much better.

  3. Reply

    Name of song 8:30

  4. Reply

    Por qué hablais en inglés el Fc Barcelona no es español?

  5. Reply

    Why Barcelona don't want to buy Angel Di Maria and laporte

  6. Reply

    More video like this, por favor

  7. Reply

    Fuck real
    Fuck real

  8. Reply

    Suscribiros a juanichigame08

  9. Reply


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    Best journaliste soccer

  11. Reply

    We played shit

  12. Reply

    Peb boshchiligidagi barclonani sogindim

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  14. Reply


  15. Reply

    Barcelona PLEASE win the champions league for me PLEASE LETS WIN IT VAMOS

  16. Reply

    Napoli stadium is always empty lol

  17. Reply

    Umtiti doesn't have the quality to play for Barcelona, unfortunately he has confirmed that in most of his appearances. Insecure and not intelligent enough, he lacks the feeling for good passes and cannot "read" the game. He loves playing the victim role, always looking at the referee as if he is almost dying. But this cannot mask his lack of quality. Would sell him as soon as possible.
    Besides him unfortunately also Frenkie de Jong continues to disappoint. He needs too much time for taking decisions, therefore slowing down Barcelona's game considerably.

  18. Reply

    Chi italiano?

  19. Reply

    Barca focus on goal don't focus on possession

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    Hello sir

  21. Reply

    Hadaad Somali tahy oo aad qoraalkayga aragtay.
    Fadlan subscribe igu caawi

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    Visca Barça from Sènègal africa

  23. برشلونة اليوم متوتر

  24. Reply

    so everyone is gonna just sit back here and ignore the fact that barca was terrible and boring to watch today. Its sad to say but my side is dying. They look like a side struggling to find their identity. Yes i see the possession but its so slow and boring and what is the sense when most of those passes are sideways or backwards. How are we to win games if we r not scoring goals. Come on guys move the ball quickly, take on players, shoot. We cant win playing like this. Its so bad now teams dont even respect or fear us anymore. Come on guys you need to raise ur game.

  25. Reply

    10:40 ( 1 minute straight of GOOD controls

  26. Reply

    Bartomeu out

  27. Reply

    Bartomue OUT. Nobita le has hackeado la cuenta de YouTube, a Mr. Seitan. Primero difamas a la gente, luego hackeas cuentas de YouTube, de YouTubers que apoyan el cruyffismo. BARTOMEU OUT.

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    Porq todos los videos en ingles

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    9:20 that guy look like Christ brown

  30. Reply


  31. Reply

    bad performance even if barca should have won the game

  32. Reply

    the future of barca is in shambles

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