Playin Soccer: Individual Soccer Training Session – Ball Mastery and Fitness

Awesome Tip: Individual Soccer Training Session – Ball Mastery and Fitness

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  2. coach you are an inspiration I am training my son and created our soccer channel as well grit soccer training hope to one day provide valuable information as you are. best of luck,, anyone interested check us out and help us grow.

  3. when you going back on twitch?

  4. Loving the voice overs they’re so helpful

  5. Hamstrings and groin need extra attention. Bruuhhh same. Had to stretch throughout the day before practice

  6. How many reps/sets should we do for each exercise?

  7. Coach Javi did you go pro?

    • LFP10
    • February 15, 2021

    Great training coach Javi I am an aspiring footballer

  8. So You gon start playing again, like for a actual team ?

  9. How long does fit take to get good at fitness or just have good fitness?

  10. Yes coach

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