Playin Soccer: Individual Soccer Training – Bayern Munich Drills

Awesome Tip: Individual Soccer Training – Bayern Munich Drills

Working with a player through a light session. With a game coming up soon, we decided to do a light intensity session. The exercises were adapted from a training session at Bayern Munich, performed by Arjen Robben. I have linked that video below. Enjoy!

Song: Prismo – Weakness [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.


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    Great video!
    Created my first:

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    Realy whaaaat?

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    title misleading. there is another person helping.

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    who is Speed?

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    are you that much slow

    • taco
    • February 19, 2021

    you forgot the diving part…

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    and fast

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    do dribbling training more

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    Why do you use the passes and shots with low power? Why dont you increase the speed of the ball?

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    Can you do a video if you don't have a soccer ball around. All I have around is a tennis ball and a ping pong ball. Thanks.

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    love your videos. Could you post a video on things a soccer player could do if they don't have a partner around?

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    love drone shots

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    Buen video!

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