Playin Soccer: Individual Soccer Drills Using Hurdles and Cones – Speed & Agility – Ball Mastery

Awesome Tip: Individual Soccer Drills Using Hurdles and Cones – Speed & Agility – Ball Mastery

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    pinche Javiii perro

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    Anybody else miss the day in the life video

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    Great job coach

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    You’re amazing ❤️

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    Hey coach javi, is it possible for an exchange student to play in their high school's soccer team abroad?

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    Coach Javi if I sent you my highlight video could you help me see what college division I have a shot at playing in

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    Coach Javi is a hidden gem! Loved the vid and will put these drills to practice

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    Nice training…God bless you

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    Can you make a detailed video about warm up and cool down. Cheers

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    Coach javi am a football player I need a agent

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    Wow…about time you post…I have been waiting for months

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    Do you do any personal training like 1 on 1’s?

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    Corona Safe!!

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    amazing video

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    You the man☝️

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    You in Illinois?

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