Playin Soccer: Individual Soccer Drills – Full Training Session!

Awesome Tip: Individual Soccer Drills – Full Training Session!

If you want the Replay Station, Please use my link as it helps the channel!

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    In case anyone wants to buy the Replay Station, please use my link as it helps the channel! https://www.quickplaysport.us/#a_aid=CoachJavi

  2. Reply

    Love the videos but can you tell us how long per drill?

  3. Reply

    Hey Javi,

    Where could I buy affordable agility poles for turf? Which brand/website did you get yours?

  4. Reply

    Great ideas for individual training. Thanks!

  5. Reply

    Really enjoying these Pre Pre Season sessions. Good Stuff. When you do some of the footwork drills, it would be beneficial for some slow mo on your footwork. Keep up the good sessions, you are making a wider impact than you know!

  6. Reply

    Hi Coach , just found your channel today. Great stuff. More videos with ideas for drills with cones, poles and rebounders please!

  7. Reply

    Where did you get that littler rebounder? Don't think i've seen that one.

  8. Reply

    What up coach..where did you get that rebounder?

  9. Reply

    Really loving the content Javi! One of the most informative football youtubers in the game.

  10. Reply

    Thank for the video bro

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    It’s sick that there’s a brick wall setup on the turf.

  13. Reply

    Claiming it right now. I'll experience a Detroit City FC game at Keyworth next year

  14. Reply

    Coach Javi pls make a video of individual dribbling drill at home in small space because I am struck at home

  15. Reply

    individual training focus on passing and ball control

  16. Reply

    Where did you get the rebounder?

  17. Reply

    where can we buy that rebounder?

  18. Reply

    I love this song soo much, thanks for the drills!

  19. Reply

    Nice boots coach, I’m a lover for leather what on earth are those?

  20. Reply

    You so underrated bro you going to grow in 2021

  21. Reply

    No invite… cool man

  22. Reply

    Hi Javi love the content, just wondering is there any training videos you can do for goalkeepers as I’m 14 years old and want to start playing in goal, I’m okay but can do with a lot of help so just wondering can you post a video for goalkeepers?!

  23. Reply

    Keep the training vids going beast

  24. Reply

    Sick video love the comment could you do another highlight video breakdown

  25. Reply

    Hey coach can u do drills for center backs by ourselves please ?

  26. Reply

    Would like to THANK YOU for ALL you do.

  27. Reply

    I play football better than everyone here

  28. Reply

    I can’t still do the round the world

  29. Reply

    Have been training every day

  30. Reply

    Let's go!!

  31. Reply

    No Georgie or Kitman Moi today! But we are still out here grinding. Let’s go!!

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