Playin Soccer: Individual Soccer Drills – Ball Mastery – Speed and Agility

Awesome Tip: Individual Soccer Drills – Ball Mastery – Speed and Agility

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  1. Thx my brotha

  2. DRILLS:

    1. 1:35
    2. 1:50
    3. 2:25
    4. 3:00
    5. 3:25
    6. 4:05
    7. 4:35
    8. 4:50

  3. coach you are an inspiration I am training my son and created our soccer channel as well grit soccer training hope to one day provide valuable information as you are. best of luck,, anyone interested check us out and help us grow.

  4. Coach Javi, how do university coaches view players that have had ACL SURGERY. Does this type of surgery prevent a player from universities having interest in them because of the surgery? Thank you in advance.

  5. i’ve played soccer sense 1st grade but stopped the end of highschool cause my life got crazy…i’m worried i won’t be able to get back to where i was…would these drills still be okay for me too do ?

  6. Good stuff coach

    • yotq
    • February 6, 2021

    would be great if you gave us how long you done these excerises rest time and what not

  7. Getting ready for my soccer, thanks for tips and tricks!

  8. You're allowed to just use the field at any local high school during non-school hours? Can I do that?

  9. top quality

  10. do you play any other sports…? Like basketball…?

  11. What are some recommended sets or amount of time for each exercises?

  12. How tall are those Hurdles?

  13. Continue i love your videos

  14. I enjoyed the video coach Javi keep it up!

    • alOk
    • February 6, 2021

    Wow u still have those old Addidas cleats..

  15. If I play on Soft Ground Surface, and cannot get a soft ground (SG) cleat, should I get an FG or an AG cleat? If I were to chose 1 of those 2 (FG or AG) on a soft ground (SG) surface, would you reccomend AG or FG?
    Can anybody here please help me?

  16. Yess nice vid Gracias!!

  17. Ay

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