Playin Soccer: Individual Session – Passing and Moving Soccer Drills – PLUS Game Footage

Awesome Tip: Individual Session – Passing and Moving Soccer Drills – PLUS Game Footage

Another light session, just worked on some passing and moving. Very basic, nothing too tactical or advanced. Also included some game footage from a recent match.

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Tobu – Colors (Provided By NCS)

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    • A J
    • February 1, 2021

    At first I ddn't like the ladder and pass drill .. seen it too many times and it seems generic to me from a functional standpoint …. a shuffle move or check away then check to move seems more game functional … you can even vary it with a bent circular run then a one time pass back to mimic the game situation. What I did like was the passing drill checking to the middle then to the side front middle to the side back and it gave me the idea that you can even set up the cones in a diamond formation to mimic an opponent formation …. s now you're training the passing drills in an opponents team formation. So you can even set your cones to a 4-2-12-1 or any formation you like to train skills working against those formation so your soccer generals can see the practices in a game situation. So this one is a keeper and I learned a new drill based on it … blessup …… Sir Javi!!

  1. 3:15 – VISION… Could of slipped winger through.

  2. As always, thanks for the uploaded tips. Keep them coming Coach Javi.

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