Playin Soccer: Individual Football/Soccer Training Drills You Can Do With A Wall Or Rebounder!

Awesome Tip: Individual Football/Soccer Training Drills You Can Do With A Wall Or Rebounder!

GET YOUR REPLAY STATION HERE (US): Please use my link as it helps the channel! UK: …


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    In case anyone wants to buy the Replay Station, please use my link as it helps the channel! https://www.quickplaysport.us/#a_aid=CoachJavi

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    Man, this channel is deserving of so many more views. Great content!

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    Can you tell me the size of that rebounder?

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    Hi can I ask what did you fill it with cause I got one too but I can't find anything to fill it with and I tried sand but everywhere I search I can't find the thing I'm looking for

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    Nice drills

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    So i recently stumbled upon some of your videos about d1 soccer i'm only in eighth grade playing as a goalkeeper for my ECNL club. I believe that if i keep working everyday i have a good chance of playing a high level of college soccer. I just don't really understand the process of getting recruited like do the scouts just randomly give out scholarships or what. Mainly my question is how do you get a scholarship, do you apply for one is do the collages hand one out to you.

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    Wassup Coach Javi, I am a 2008 and a fan of your channel! Um do you ever come out and watch our games and maybe record them?

  8. Esta buena el drill coach

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    Do they deliver to AUS?

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    great product! A bit on the expensive side though.

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    lmao lowkey need those cuz no one wants to come with me

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    Nice rebounder! been watching a couple of your vids, do you know you are broadcasting your final strike? decent goalie will see it…

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    Sick drills man! Rebounders are a footballers best friend

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    Great stuff Coach !!
    This product is great !! Will get a couple of these !!

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    What are the requirements to become a soccer coach ?

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