Playin Soccer: Individual Football/Soccer Training Drills – Simple, But Effective!

Awesome Tip: Individual Football/Soccer Training Drills – Simple, But Effective!

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    Coach Javi great points, I like to focus on the same as I am training my 13 year old son and I upload similar videos in our GRIT SOCCER TRAINING CHANNEL

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    hey coach javi! i was wondering: do you look at highlight videos from potential recruits/aspiring athletes?

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    thank you for your tips!

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    Hey Coach Javi, is it ok for me to change positions in soccer. Because I'm a Striker but it doesn't really fit me and I'm really interested in being a centerback(Ramos is my motivation)!

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    Need more sunday league games Coach

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    Great video, your opinion is valuable for my training sessions

  8. Please tell me good academy in England

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    Awesome Coach Javi…..Thanks

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    Hey man i hope all is well with you during this crazy time we live in. Always a pleasure to see your videos and follow your story. I've watched your channel for man years now and have taken a lot of your content and tried it out for myself as well as when I train my players and we love it. Its simple, lots of reps and simply practical. Keep up the work man and if you have any advice for a guy like me that still wants to play as long as possible who turns 30 this year, out of shape after these rough few months, help a brotha out haha my touch is such trash right now and I've lost alot speed and explosiveness so I'm getting burned while playing outside back. Much love Javi

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    Soccer is the best sport in the world no cap

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    I've like in 7th

  13. Can you do
    Fitness drills to do in small spaces

    Recovery session (with foam rolling and stretching session)

    Soccer fundaments drills

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    Your video makes my day a great day!

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    Yes coach

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