Playin Soccer: Individual Football/Soccer Drills – First Touch – Ball Mastery – Shooting

Awesome Tip: Individual Football/Soccer Drills – First Touch – Ball Mastery – Shooting

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  1. Reply

    Those boots are the hotness!

  2. Reply

    I really appreciate these last few videos. Love your sessions keep it up Javi!!! Easy to emulate.

  3. Reply

    Can u please do some dribbling drills?

  4. Reply

    very nice technical drills

  5. Reply

    Awesome drills! Something to maybe include in future videos can be including how many reps of each exercise to do, for I see so many great drills that can really help me improve, but I don’t know if I am doing a good amount of repetitions.

  6. Reply

    Awesome session – will use these with my kids!

  7. Reply

    We need a day in the life with a haircut mate.

  8. Reply

    Olympic park?

  9. Reply

    All drills with variations:

    1. 0:51
    2. 1:14
    3. 1:40
    4. 2:10
    5. 2:51
    6. 3:12
    7. 3:42
    8. 3:59
    9. 4:21
    10. 5:10
    11. 6:24

  10. Reply

    These are amazing and great ideas to help players improve. Do you think you could make a video on improving final ball / end product for soccer in a game?

  11. Reply

    Hi Coach,I am a goalkeeper and is only 175 cms(5'9) tall.How can I improve my goalkeeping within my reach?Am I too short to play as a goalkeeper? Should I focus more on leg power to get and time my dive right? Please help me.

  12. Reply

    Great video

  13. Reply

    Thank you for making a video I love your video it makes me motivated

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