Playin Soccer: Improve Your Touch With Basic Soccer Passing Drills! 2 Quick Sessions in 1

Awesome Tip: Improve Your Touch With Basic Soccer Passing Drills! 2 Quick Sessions in 1

I had two quick sessions so I figured I would just put both in the same video! Both were focused on basic technical work and are great in case you may not have too much time. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey guys, here's a few exercises you can do to improve your first touch! I hope you guys are liking the mix of different videos lately. What kind of videos would you like to see more of??

  2. Great drills…thanks!

  3. GREAT

  4. Hey coach javi I had a question. Is too much running bad? I do track & field for my school while also playing futbol. I play on the wing so I track back and forth the field. I also go jogging at the park in the mornings for 1 hour. I train with a speed parachute, speed sack & ankle weights.

  5. That's a great song you used by Martin garrixs!!!

  6. Great Video Javi! Best of luck this season!

  7. Hey coach javi, is it weird that on the pitch I have great touch, speed, awareness etc. but ever since a young age I haven't been the best at juggling, should I take time to practice juggling, will it benefit me or should I just keep doing what I'm doing

  8. Whoever gave that dislike is a hating ass mofo's

  9. First 1000 peeps here. Fuck it's hot today. Los angeles

  10. Where do you buy your equipment?

  11. Give us a shoutout in Houston. H-Town pride will come back strong

  12. Can you make a video on defending?

  13. Great videos Coach. Did you get to the gym?

  14. love the videos coach

  15. Now I know some drills my 2 daughters and I will be doing tonight.

  16. Great stuff, Coach!!

  17. How many times does a footballer eat a day? Do calories matter?

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