Playin Soccer: Improve Your Passing and Touch With This Simple Session!

Awesome Tip: Improve Your Passing and Touch With This Simple Session!

This is a perfect session to do if you want to get some touches in! This player was going to miss practice because of classes so we decided to do a simple session in the morning so she could still get some technical work in.

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    Quick little session for one of my center middies. I'm going to try and keep uploading training sessions as often as I can. Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Also, how many of you are interested in signing up for a Coach Javi camp? The process is almost done and I want to see who is interested. With that, the first location is Chicago! Who is in chicago and would sign up for a day in a December!?! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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    Can you make a video of building condition? Please

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    My coach gets us to do this too, but much at a much faster pace, I almost feel sick after going through them lol!

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    You are so lucky

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    Coach love your videos and I wanted to ask you what is the process or plan you go through for when your at the beginning of the season middle and end? And how do you know what to coach and at what time of the season to coach it???? And how do you make sure your players have intensity the day of Games I would really appreciate your help love your videos I am a high school coach in NC and love your videos!

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    valeu bom trabalho

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    Coach Javi do you have any advice on how I could get my old form back or improve I used to be really good then my freshman year of high school I messed up the back of my knee and I’ve never been the same ever since

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    ayeeee another great video coach!!

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    Sorry matate

    • Luis
    • February 12, 2021

    Loving the training videos mate I see you're teaching them how to hit it top bins as well.

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    Great stuffs! How do you coach heading technique? How did you strengthen your neck for it? Keep up the great work, Mate! Maybe your sign off should be as simple as, Get in there, Mate! Or, Now go do great things, Mate!

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    Don't listen to the haters ..keep saying mate all you want .. don't change who you are

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    How many times do you eat a day coach ?

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    always playin soccer

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    Great video.

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    Stop saying mate so much lol

    • Ash2k
    • February 12, 2021


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