Playin Soccer: Improve Your Footwork! | Switching Feet Training

Awesome Tip: Improve Your Footwork! | Switching Feet Training

How to Improve Your Footwork in Soccer or Football! Switching Feet!


LFZ – Echoes [NCS Release]

Culture Code – Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [NCS Release]

Culture Code feat. Karra – Make Me Move (James Roche Remix) [NCS Release]


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  1. AllAttack would like to thank all defenders for their efforts, but this foot skill will leave them in the dust.

  2. Cool

  3. Keep it up
    Greetings from INDIA

  4. I from malaysia.. I love this channel.. All technic u teach one by one.. Luv it

  5. i wish i had a proper grass field to train in. I have to train by my house on a brick and concrete flooring its so much harder.

  6. Because there so many players are waiting for u reply me

  7. Can u come to India

  8. This is a move I absolutely have to spend more time on.

  9. Make a video on keeper save

  10. Póngale subtítulos al vídeo quiero aprender a hacer la croqueta

  11. Hola. No lo subtitulaste en español jaja

  12. I love the style of your videos. They are simple yet explaining everything that is required. Thanks for these amazing videos.

  13. Your studs was good

  14. defender is in a wrong defending position but it doesn't matter here as he just plays the dummy for the exercise

  15. Im very very like this trik

  16. This is la croqeuta , isn't this??

  17. love your video

  18. Loved it

  19. Thanks bro

  20. very good so help full

  21. You make it look so easy

  22. What the song in 0.51

  23. Rabona Shot tutorial

  24. sweet

  25. nice

  26. Ostir technic

  27. You are like god for me

  28. I think you are better than ronaldo and messi

  29. Very thanks I watch all of your videos I like it I practice like your video

  30. Nice work ,,videos are very helpful ,,can you please make a video on defending techniques? Please!!

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